Welcome to the RIDB
RIDB is a part of the Recreation One Stop (Rec1Stop) project, initiated as a result of a government modernization study conducted in 2004. Rec1Stop provides a user-friendly, web-based resource to citizens, offering a single point of access to information about recreational opportunities nationwide. The web site represents an authoritative source of information and services for millions of visitors to federal lands, historic sites, museums, and other attractions/resources.

How to use the RIDB
The RIDB includes a searchable application that includes access to federal recreation data. Data may be accessed through a RESTful API that exports machine readable data or through an online search interface. Please note that by accessing datasets or tools offered on ridb.recreation.gov, you agree to the Privacy Policy, which you should read before accessing any dataset or tool. For more information on how to use the RIDB, view our API documentation.